Location:    Medieval Japan
...received a blessed gift from the kami of the North.
<held>  jade miniature of a pagoda
notes:Fight past the nezumi and the four-armed guardian to reach Lord Bishamonten. To make the guardian appear, you need 3 total people: 1 to go south and push statue, 1 to go north and push statue, and 1 to stay put and kill him. If someone leaves their statue, the guardian will re-freeze. This is a good way to pause the fight for healing.

Once the guardian is dead, you'll need to receive the blessing of the kami before you can move east into Bishamonten's castle. There are four shrines in japan; you must go to all four and bow statue. You should get a blessing message at each statue. Once you have bowed to all four, you will receive a major blessing (shows up in your status). This blessing grants you -15ac and can be repeated at any time for the AC boost.

Once blessed, go to Bishamonten and
ask lord treasure
ask lord question

depending on his question, you will answer differently:

  • What is the wooden arch marking the entrance of a shinto shrine known as?
    ask lord torii

  • What would you call a masterless samurai?
    ask lord ronin

  • Which creature, child of the kami, has the beak of a turtle and a candle on top of its head?
    ask lord kappa

  • What is the name of blood magic ritual of the evil doers?
    ask lord maho

  • How do Zen monks seek to achieve enlightenment?
    ask lord meditation

  • Who is the child of the heavens?
    ask lord emperor

  • Do you remember the name of the Lady of the Sun?
    ask lord Amaterasu

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