Location:    Medieval Japan
...is a member of Osaka's merchants guild.
eq: -
notes:Get a paw from the White tiger (fairly tough mob) on the way to the Buddist temple.

Take the paw to the mysterious shugenja. Give paw shugenja.

He'll give you a pouch of tiger powder.

Find the merchants at a "A Crossroads at the Tokaido." Ask merchant goods.

He'll give you a letter of recommendation.

Find Rumuki in Osaka. Give letter Rumuki

Ask Rumuki business

He'll want the head of Pereira.

The sailor before Captain Pereira will want a bowl of chazuke in order for you to pass which you can buy at the teahouse. *hunt the teahouse owner, Miyu, to get there.

Go kill Pereira then get head corpse and take it back to Rumuki.

*This quest gives you access to a hidden safe room inside Japan called "Inside a Hidden House." Ask Rumuki kolat to transfer you there.

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